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Our History

In May 1957, the business was organized and operated until 1961 as a shell molding foundry and was given the name New Jersey Shell Casting Corporation. The corporation existed under the laws of the State of New Jersey from 1957 to 1979 because Joe Nagy lived in New Jersey at the time of incorporation.

Arial View of NJ Shell

In May 1957, the original one room block building on South Decatur Street in Marietta, PA was rented from the U.S. Expansion Bolt Company. On December 9, 1965, New Jersey Shell Casting Corporation purchased the block building from the U.S. Expansion Bolt Company.

The original size of the building was 2,700 square feet. Due to the growing needs of the business, the foundry has been expanded over the years and currently houses over 18,000 square feet under roof.

In 1962, the business was converted to a non-ferrous brass, bronze and aluminum green sand-molding foundry and remains as such today. We are a 100% jobbing shop.

In 1982, William Nagy, Sr. retired as president of New Jersey Shell but remained CEO until his death in 1999.

In June of 1978, William Nagy, Jr. started full time for New Jersey Shell, making him the third generation Nagy to work at the company. In 1982, he was elected president.

In December of 2007, Dustin Nagy started full time, creating a fourth generation to work at the company.

In May 2012, we celebrate our 55th anniversary.




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